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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Greetings! Nice to meet you. If I've already met you and you know all my quirks and foibles, feel free to read on anyways! Or don't. I won't know either way. But! If you haven't met me or want to know more about this crazy girl behind the camera, here you go! All the facts you never (ever) needed. Fair warning: this is rather devoid of photography content, except of course for critter pics.

I have pets. So many pets. In fact, there are so many of them I've given each one a special little bio all their own!

Photo cred: Shania Leigh Imagery


  • Age: 5

  • Nicknames: Spud, Pupperoni, Monster

  • Loves: kale

  • Hates: water bottles

  • Weirdest habit: backing away from the water monster every time I take a drink out of literally anything

  • If I were a superhero I'd be: Rocket Racoon

Photo cred: Shania Leigh Imagery


  • Age: 3

  • Nicknames: Beagle Butt, Peaches and Cream, Baby Beagle

  • Loves: everyone

  • Hates: humans who don't say hi to me, how rude

  • Weirdest habit: licking the floor all day everyday because there might be a crumb somewhere

  • If I were a superhero I'd be: Baymax


  • Age: 4

  • Nicknames: Pumpkin Spice, Lobster, Monkey

  • Loves: bananas

  • Hates: lemons

  • Weirdest habit: resting my chin on whatever is nearby because my head is just too heavy

  • If I were a superhero I'd be: Deadpool

Ridley technically belongs to my lovely bestie, but possession is nine tenths of the law so he's mine by association.


  • Age: 12

  • Nicknames: Spider, Spidercat, Mr. Man

  • Loves: spinach

  • Hates: car rides

  • Weirdest habit: sitting in all the things

  • If I were a superhero I'd be: is it not obvious...


  • Age: 7 months

  • Nicknames: Bun bun, Baby Bun, Binks, Cinnabun

  • Loves: destruction

  • Hates: being told no

  • Weirdest habit: doing binkies off the dogs' heads

  • If I were a superhero I'd be: Snowball (wait, is he a hero or villain...?)

There is also a very distinguished beta fish in the mix. His name is Prince Caspian, Casper, or fishface. He loves dinnertime, hates bowl cleaning day, his weirdest habit is blowing bubbles and then getting mad that there are bubbles, and if he were a superhero we'd all be screwed because he can't survive outside of his bowl.

Chapters makes me happy. Coincidentally, I also have a slightly unbridled Starbucks addiction. There is nothing better than wandering the racks of books, cup of caffeinated crack in your hand, selecting notebooks from the bargain rack that your demon bunny will likely chew before it looses that new notebook smell. Ah, paradise.

Disney. That is all. Ok, that's not all. Beauty and the Beast is my grown up favourite, The Little Mermaid was my childhood favourite. All the rest are positively phenomenal, except for Fantasia because what was that?!

If you've met me you know I live my life in cozy sweaters. I don't care if it's the middle of July, I have a knit for that.

There is nothing that cannot be solved, improved, or enhanced by a warm cup of tea. I'm apparently English at heart, and a good orange pekoe with a splash of milk makes everything better.

I don't eat things with a face and Tofino is my happy place. Those don't go together but they do rhyme. Wait! I can make this pairing make sense! Shoutout to Bravacados, they are forever my favourite vegan restaurant and have the cutest little location in downtown Tofino. Speaking of delicious eats The Moth Café is truly delightful, vegan, and local for all you Edmonton and area humans.

There! A completely random smattering of facts that you may or may not have known about me that have absolutely nothing to do with photography! More relevant content coming soon, I promise. If you've made it to the end: thank you so much for reading, you're welcome, and have a truly beautiful day!

Currently Reading: Untamed - Glennon Doyle

Currently Listening: Christmas Music

Currently Snuggling: Paisley

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