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Style Guide for Couples

But what will we wear?! Have no fear, wardrobe support is here! Engagement photos are important, they're going on your save the dates, invites, mom's fridge, your walls, the background of your phone...and that can make selecting the perfect outfit seem impossible. It's not. Don't worry. You have options, and I've compiled some tips to help you make the most of your closet and feel fabulous with your partner in your images.

Should we match?

No. No you should not. Matching outfits, while adorable in theory, will turn you into one human blob in your photos. I know, I know, you are technically taking photos to represent the unit you are becoming with your special someone and what better way to visually represent that than super cute matchy matchy tops and bottoms? Trust me, your love and connection will be captured without the twin suits. I promise. Instead of choosing matching colours, patterns, or straight up the same thing, go for complimentary colours in a style that represents YOU as a couple.

What the heck are complimentary colours?

Fabulous question! Complimentary colours are pairs of colours that contrast with each other more than any other colour, and when placed side-by-side make each other look brighter. All cleared up? No? Ok let's try that again. Enter visual!

Ta-da! This is a great example of a complimentary fall colour palette. Combinations of these colours look fabulous together as they're different while still going together, just like you two!

This palette is also perfect for fall, as these are colours that go with an autumn background while still standing out.

When choosing your palette consider the season, the location, and your individual style to tie your images together in a very YOU package. If you feel awful in yellow and cannot stand browns those are not the colours for you and that's totally OK! Pick colours that make you feel fabulous first and foremost, and build your outfits from there.

Can we do more than one outfit?

YES! You absolutely can. As long as our location and time allows for a wardrobe change I encourage my couples to have one to two outfits with variations of each. This gives your gallery so much variety and we can play around with accessories to make each image uniquely you! Check out my beautiful couple below, they are the perfect example of maximizing your outfits to create so many different looks!

Ok so let's break it down. What did they do to create options without bringing their whole closet and having to change a thousand times in a hedge?

  1. He brought a collared shirt to go from casual to more formal and match his lovely partner's outfits.

  2. She brought two very different dresses for a dark and light options, both of which compliment her partner's shirts.

  3. The duster and hat! By adding an accessory the outfits she has (which look AMAZING already) are given brand new life!

During their session she changed dresses and he added his collared shirt, which only took five minutes and didn't eat into their photo time, and we brought along the hat and duster to pop on and off throughout their session. Because this was a spring session we chose a classic black and white look to pop with the colourful background as well as a pastel pink to compliment the softer seasonal colours. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Patterns are not ok...fact or fiction?

Fiction! Patterns can be a great addition to your outfits! Now hold on, don't go busting out the Hawaiian shirt and giant polka dot mu-mu just yet. If you are incorporating a pattern into your look I recommend choosing ONE article of clothing with a pattern that fits your style and isn't LOUD. When both of you are wearing a pattern (especially when the patterns are competing for attention) you can be seen from space and you're making your photographer dizzy. Don't get me wrong, I love a good buffalo plaid as much as the next gal, but let's keep it to one feature piece so your eye isn't hopping from camo to plaid and back again. Also please don't wear camo. Unless it's a theme shoot in the wilderness. My beautiful couple below incorporated a pattern perfectly, his plaid shirt pops against her solid coat and isn't at all distracting from their love!

How can we look cute in winter without freezing to death?

I get it, winter photos are STUNNING but no one wants to look like a marshmallow or lose a toe to get the shot. Layers are your friend! While I can colour correct your blue lips I'd rather not have you shiver yourself into another dimension. Bring the ugly winter ski jacket, the mitts, hats, scarves, maybe even a huge blanket and look like a walking winter gremlin between shots! No one will know. How will they know? We will throw all that off for the picture perfect moment and then bundle you right back up! I love winter photos because I think they can be so authentically cozy with chunky knit sweaters, matching scarf/mitt/hat combos, boots (yes, Ugg boots are acceptable!), and fuzzy blankets for a cuddle with your human. If your photos are in the winter you want to look like you meant for them to be in a snowy wonderland and not like you got lost on your way to the departures terminal for a tropical vacation. Embrace the chill.

These fabulous couples brought the HEAT in their chilly winter sessions! Cute coats, piles of layers hidden out of the shot, and snugly poses got them through, we all had a blast, no one got frostbite. Success!

P.S. Always bring the dog.

Ok, I think we've got this...right?

I'm a text away with wardrobe support. If you feel overwhelmed with options, aren't sure how you feel about your selections, or just want to run outfits by me I am always here for you. Styling is a passion of mine, and I want you to feel like the beautiful humans you are inside and out during your session with me! Don't worry, I'll be honest (sorry not sorry).

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